50 Year Reunion



THE TRUTH HURTS!   It has been 50 years since we left Harry P. Harding!!!!

So let's have a 50 year Reunion and celebrate!!!

Save the dates of September 6th and 7th.. In Charlotte at Providence Country Club--they gave us a much better deal than Carolina !

Friday night September 6th--a free get together with cash bar.  Saturday, 7th, dinner, pictures, dancing--all for just $25.

All details will follow in the coming months !

WE NEED HELP FINDING STUDENTS!!  Please take some time and help me find all those on the Missing Classmates list. It is a shame so many are on there!  Use all free sites to find them; Facebook, Googlesearch, Linkedin, Public Records, Pipl, Wink, Zabasearch--look up others. If you try but can't find them, I'll pay the monthly fee to us Truthfinder, BeenvVerified or others. PLEASE TRY! Too many black classmates are on the missing student list--pleasse make a special effort to help us find them. 

We have contact information for some people on the missing list, but they have not signed on the free--Harding69 website. Those names appear at the bottom of this list. We are trying to set up our own mailing list, in addition to our website, so if you have email addresses or cell numbers for people other than these below, let us have them.

DON'T MISS THE 50 YEAR REUNION. Let me me know if we can help with questions, or if you have ideas or suggestions!!

John and Jim 


Ramona Ayala, Linda Bailes, Craig Randall, Jerry Todd, Pam Smith, Phil Baker, Cheryl Cronin, Sandy Porter Pam Heath, Bill Dellinger, Reggie Kerns, Gail Edwards, Debby Lambert, Gene Biddix